Viale Verdi 41
51016 Montecatini Terme (PT)

T +39 0572 7781
F +39 0572 778444


Selection, assessment of the patient, rehabilitation approach, efficacy of the programme, monitoring and medium-long term control.

In the respiratory rehabilitation, thermal spring water is administered through inhalation and is an efficient remedy together with other.

At the Terme Redi, there is a pool supplied with 33°C Leopoldine waters (from Leopoldo I Grand Duke of Tuscany) for motor rehabilitation.

For centuries the Montecatini spa baths and their waters have been famous the world over for their curative properties which have brought wellbeing to millions of people. The Montecatini waters favour digestion and are the natural answer to the most common intestinal dysfunctions which are often caused by bad eating habits and the stress of our daily lives. Constipation is cured successfully with thermal remedies with medium and soft (Regina, Tettuccio) or strong waters (Leopoldina). Always emblematic of Italian spa baths, the Montecatini spa baths thus offer a wealth of resources and opportunities for those looking for a complete spa bath experience with technological and innovative services in addition to the traditional benefits of the waters. Specialist medical teams will be at the service of your health.

Health: hydroponic therapy, mud therapy, balneotherapy, inhalation therapy and rehabilitative therapies. A complete series of therapies responding to your desire for wellbeing and health.

Beauty: day spa, remise en forme, beauty programmes. Waters and muds, new wellbeing and beauty technologies for a rediscovered beauty with integrated face and body systems following personalised programmes at the Excelsior spa baths, the ideal place to regain your personal harmony.

Relaxation: antistress programmes to release the tension built up in our everyday lives

Lifestyle: enjoy the holiday chosen by VIPs and famous people

Music events: an exclusive programme to satisfy your desire for an interesting holiday full of new experiences.

For holistic wellbeing: hydropinic therapy, balneotherapy, mud therapy, inhalations, ear insufflation, diadynamic therapy, electrostimulation, faradic treatment, hydrogalvano therapy, iontophoresis, laser therapy, nasal douches, thermal aerosols, therapeutic and fun pool, advanced and specialized check-up. The therapeutic treatments fall under the national health system.

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