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Thermal SPA Bath Offer Packages

Health and wellness! Montecatini is the wellness european capital, where to discover again your psyco-phisical balance and harmony. Montecatini Thermal SPA Baths offer you the traditional benefits of thermal bath waters and muds, together with technology solutions and innovative services, unparalleled in Europe.

Through the centuries, these thermal SPA Baths and their waters, have been renowned worldwide for their therapeutic properties. The salty-sulphate-alkaline waters of Montecatini are unique in the world and contain precious elements for organism wellness: bromine, calcium, iodine, lithium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and sulphate.

Montecatini’s waters facilitate digestion and are the natural answer to the most common malfunctions that affect the intestine, often caused by bad food habits and stressful rhythm of daily life. In example, constipation (stipsi) is treated with success by a suitable thermal bath therapy with medium and light waters.
Moreover, it’s very important the therapeutic activity of chloride-sodium Montecatini’s waters towards metabolism; in particular, medium and light waters allow a significant reduction of cholesterol.

Here are the main treatments you can practise in Montecatini Terme:

For Health: Idropinic therapy, mud therapy, bath therapy, inhalatory therapies and tube tympanic insufflation, rihabilitation therapies.
For Beauty: More than 100 beauty and vitality treatments.
For Relax: No-stress routines to reduce work-related anxiety; fitness in large green space to recover energies and richarge.
For Leisure: a rich schedule of events and shows: music concerts, cultural meetings, art shows and much more.

INFO and BOOKING: +39 0572 772603

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