Nothing of the pig is thrown away: Biroldo and Migliaccio

According to an ancient recipe the Biroldo was made with the less sought after parts of the pig: lungs, heart, tongue, head and offal, all mixed together with blood, salt, pine nuts and spices. This mixture was then tied up into little sausages around 20 centimetres long which were then cooked and eaten cold in slices.
In certain areas of Tuscany it’s also called Mallegato.

Migliaccio Pistoiese is a crêpe made with pig blood which is mixed with pork broth and other ingredients to give it flavour.
The mixture is then put it into a non-stick pan on a high heat until crepes around 2-3 mm thick have formed. These can then be sprinkled with sugar in the sweet version or eaten rolled up with grated parmesan in the savoury version.

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